It's so great to be able to access the specialities of both Dr Kaspricks! Dr Shelly Kasprick is Dr Chris Kasprick of Oahu FAMILY Chiropractic from Kahala's pretty half who has the touch of a butterfly and provides such efficient adjustments. She talks you through each adjustment, having you engage your breathing to relax into each setting. She's got a softer touch then Chris so if that's the type of adjustment you enjoy, where you hate to get off the table bc you could really slip into that nap she eases you into then she's the one for you! Regular chiro adjustments are so critical and it's easy to take it for granted. Finding a good doc is as important as making the effort to go as well. Located in the Kaimuki Business Plaza, stalls 21 and 22 are avail with coin parking across the street. Easy to access on the 2nd floor just take a right and unit 202 is nearly at the end of the hall on your left. Walk into this zen office and be ready to be nurtured. You're welcome!

    thumb Yun Y.

      Dr. Sarah took over when Dr. Shibuya retired. Randy Shibuya maybe irreplaceable, but Dr. Sarah is excellent in her own right.  I highly recommend if you're looking for a good chiropractor, do it now before she can't take anymore patients like Dr.Shibuya.

    thumb Darryl T.

      Dr. Sara is awesome. Her staff is great. Actually a healer, not just a "rack 'em and crack em" chiropractor. If you're in need of a great chiropractor on Oahu, she's worth the drive!

    thumb Jacob D.